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Share your short story about success in your classroom or on your campus.

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He wanted to be a lawyer.

Not too long ago, I received a letter from the mother of a former student.  She wrote to me to tell me how her son just finished college and was applying to law school.  She said that what influenced him most in his decision to go to law school was his participation in the mock trials in his 8th Grade History class taught by me.  Wow.

Sometimes, you don't get the accolades immediately, but a card or letter many years later.  I pin them up behind my desk for encouragement.

--Bob Ruiz, LJMS

Summer Institute Reflection

This summer, I took a break from the hiking, camping, dancing and relaxing to seek training in my bargaining skills at the UCLA Summer Institute. My expectation was to learn how to be a shark at the Bargaining Table to better serve our members in negotiations. The campus, itself, the accommodations, the facilities, the food and the camaraderie at Summer Institute all served to support my work within the strand. I forged friendships and alliances with other CTA members, but most importantly, I acquired new communication skills to bolster my work as a Bargaining Team member. I sincerely appreciate RPCEA’s financial assistance in pursuing this opportunity and highly recommend Summer Institute to any other emerging leaders in our union. Plus, you might be eternalized in your karaoke rendition of Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer on our president’s Twitter feed!

--Reuben Steinglass, RCHS