Our association represents 345 educators in the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District. We are proud teachers, librarians, counselors, nurses, and speech & language therapists that work with over 5,800 students at eleven sites: seven elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools. RPCEA represents its members in all matters relating to employment conditions (wages, hours, and other conditions of employment.) RPCEA is a policy-making body comprised of the executive board, site representatives, committee chairpersons, CTA state council representatives and and CTEA/NEA appointments.      

Executive Board

Emile King



Lisa Bauman

1st Vice-President


Denise Tranfaglia

2nd Vice-President


Amy Miller



Betsey Moses



 Site Reps

Each site is entitled to 1 representative per 10 teachers, and should have 1 alternate representative. RPCEA site council meets the 2nd of each month. Site reps should then hold a 10 minute meeting to report out the following week. 

Site Rep Responsibilities

Site Concern Form 

Tips for Site Rep Meetings

Our Schools' Reps for 2020-2021

  • Evergreen Elementary School (3)

       Yvonne Cobert, Carley Harp, Mandy Hilliard,                          Megan Cockrum (alternative)​

  • John Reed Elementary School (2)


  • Lawrence Jones Middle School (4)

       Karey Fogle, Oliver Fraenkle, Cal Nelson

  • Marguerite Hahn Elementary School (2)

       Shelby Canales, Meagan Cutler​

  • Monte Vista Elementary School(3)

        Deb McCampbell, OliverSteinfels,

        Cindy Savage​ Hopkin

  • Rancho Cotate High School (8)

       Nancy Ellis, Marcia Kossman,

        Kate McGerity, Valerie Moran,

        Julia Rinaldi, Matt Transue, Hashim Yahya                                                       

  • Richard Crane Elementary School (1)

       Jamye Eldred, Meghan Ehlow (alt)

  • Technology High School (2)

         Ginny Mason, Emily Walters

  • Technology Middle School (2)

         Sylvia Martin

  • Thomas Page Academy (2)

  • University Elementary at La Fiesta (2)

        Tiffany Gage, Jessica Gilleran​




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