Resources for Teaching

Educational Resources Online! – Educator content, news, resources and more from California Educator magazine - CTA online trainings on social media, photography and other skills – Bitmojis in class as a fun way to connect with students – Free multimedia materials for 6th-12th teachers and students including units on audio visuals, teen TV and more
YouCubed – K-12 math resource from Stanford University
Epic! – A digital library for students 12 and under – Smithsonian Learning Lab with digital resources from 19 museums. This site is amazing and includes units for most grade levels!
Sandy Hook PromiseTeaches children, teens and young adults how to be more socially inclusive and connected to one another.

New Teachers - University Credits from BTSA Program

Induction units can be found on 

Units Info 

North Coast School of Education partners with three universities: UOP, HSU and Simpson U. Each university has a different price and number of units available.

* HSU is most popular university participants use because it's least expensive. They offer 3 units per semester for the Candidate and 2 units for the Mentor. The cost is $50 per unit with a $25 late fee if they register after the semester closes. Registration is typically open during the semesters and units are available up to one year after program year completion. However, HSU is in the process of changing their registration system and we do not yet know how that will affect our participants.

* UOP offers 4 units per semester for both the Candidate and Mentor at $200 a semester. They do not charge a late fee. Units are available only after semester completion and for only one year.

* Simpson U offers 3 units per semester for both the Candidate and Mentor at $175 per semester. Units are only available after semester completion for a short time. See their website for deadline restrictions.

October is ADHD Awareness Month

Here's How You can Help Students

  • Let them fidget
  • Engage them in active learning
  • Bring novelty into your lesson plan
  • Promote positive teacher-student rapport
  • Take your teaching outdoors
  • Use interactive technology
  • Allow students to make choices
  • Share stress management techniques
  • Provide physical activity breaks
  • Integrate arts into your lessons

Creative Classrooms on a Budget

Golden Tickets

Fun motivational reading tool for second-ninth graders!

Hide a golden ticket in rarely read books, and offer a surprise for those who find it!

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